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  • tea bag dispenser, wooden tea box, tea bag storage, tea house box, tea bag holder - vector model, product plan for laser cut of plywood

    Tea bag dispenser

    Tea bag dispenser of plywood Version 1.1 Holds standard box of wrapped tea bags – pull one at a time...

  • wooden book box with sliding bolt latch featured image

    Book box

    Wooden Book Box with sliding bolt latch Vector model / project plan for laser cutting Suitable for: ...

  • WOODEN SAFE Version 2. Laser cut project plan

    Wooden safe V2

    Wooden SAFE. Version 2.1 Vector model / project plan for laser cutting. Ready for laser cut and lase...

  • Vintage Engraving by Oscar Pletsch bmp files ready for laser engraving

    Vintage engraving by Oscar Pletsch

    BMP files ready for laser engraving. Parameters for 40 watt power laser (Program: RDCAM) Processing ...

  • cartonus-halloween-pumpkin-light-f

    Halloween pumpkin light

    Halloween pumpkin light Suitable for create: • Halloween pumpkin lights • Halloween pumpkin flower v...

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wine butler of plywood for laser cutting

Wine butler

This functional, yet elegant Wine Butler makes carrying and serving your favorite wine and two/three/four ...

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