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Elegant wine box vertical

Elegant wine box
Vertical position of bottle.

Art nouveau and art deco style

Lasercut vector model / project plan with engraving.

Set of 6 designs.

Version 6.0

Material thickness:
• 3,2 mm (1/8 inch)
• 4 mm (5/32 inch)
• 6,35 mm (1/4 inch)

Dimensions internal: 320x78x78 mm (12,6×3,1×3,1 inch)
Dimensions external: 430x104x85 mm (16,9×4,1×3,3 inch)

Digital product includes AI, EPS, PDF, CDR, DXF, SVG files.
No physical item will be sent.
Instant Download.

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Elegant wine box vertical. Lasercut vector model, project plan. Set of 5 designs

Elegant wine box vertical. Lasercut vector model, project plan. Design 1. Art nouveau style

Elegant wine box vertical. Lasercut vector model, project plan. Design 2. Art nouveau style

Elegant wine box vertical. Lasercut vector model, project plan. Design 3. Grapevine

Elegant wine box vertical. Lasercut vector model, project plan. Design 4. I love you - I love wine

Elegant wine box vertical. Lasercut vector model, project plan. Design 5. Happy birthday

Winde box svg file for laser cut




  2. Hi I purchased your wine boxes and I then removed 1 of the templates and put my own on for Christmas now I’m getting asked would I sell the file but what do you think and maybe if it was added to yours

  3. buenas noches, porque mi pago fue rechazado?

  4. Hello, does the model includes the engraving and cutting figures and texts?

  5. hola, se pueden adaptar a 3mm?

    • En general, nuestros diseños están hechos de un material con un espesor de 3,2 mm.
      Para un material de 3 mm, el diseño se puede reducir al 94-96%. Por supuesto, el tamaño del producto disminuirá ligeramente.
      Hacemos pequeños huecos. Intente cortar una muestra de material de 3 mm de espesor. Quizás nuestros proyectos se adapten a usted sin cambios.

      Basically, our designs are made for material thickness of 3.2 mm.
      For 3 mm material, project can be scale down to 94-96%. Of course the dimensions of product will decrease slightly.
      We make small gaps. Try cut sample using 3 mm material. Maybe projects without any changes will suitable for you.

  6. Que material es exactamente? Gracias

  7. These are the awesome boxes. i really impressed with these boxes, because these boxes attracts customers and increase your sales.

  8. Whats the name of each fonts please? I have bought it and i want to rewrite by myself.

  9. Sergii Dec 20, 2019
    Perfect! Thank you! Can you mayme explain how to remake it to different plywood thicknes? Thank you!

  10. Rodrigo Apr 25, 2019
    Fantastic! Wonderful design! We love them! Perfect fittings!

  11. Joe Jan 2, 2018
    I doubt you could ask for a better prepared product. The downloaded files were totally professional. These things are so good looking. . . .now all I need is a laser cutter/engraver. Many thanks!

  12. Laser Possibility Inc Feb 9, 2018
    cut the 1st one and came out perfectly! Love it!

  13. Attila Dobos Jul 31, 2019
    Its grate!

  14. helene fauchard Jan 17, 2019
    Perfect design, apart from some retouching to do to adjust the box otherwise very nice box for a gift, thank you for the speed of reception.

  15. Snezana Majstorovic Nov 19, 2019
    Good vectors. Working just fine.

  16. eli skipp Jul 18, 2019
    Brilliant and beautiful design, easy to make and a total showstopper. Only complaint is that once cut they’re VERY difficult to put together, and you WILL need a soft sided mallet

  17. nanoarbiza May 14, 2018
    Excellent article and very good design just what I was looking for thank you very much

  18. Rubyg01 May 3, 2019
    Received this item immediately after purchase. I could have used it straight away but I needed to modify it slightly for a larger bottle. Clean vectors and a pleasure to work with.

  19. Lindsey Miller Aug 27, 2019
    Love the product.. just having a little issue getting the pieces together

  20. Paula Sillman Sep 12, 2020
    This turned out lovely, nice tight fit.

  21. Brad Ham Dec 21, 2018
    Worked great without any tweaking.

  22. Fashion Designers Jun 25, 2019
    Great file. Well designed and comes out great.

  23. Przemysław Sep 7, 2019
    sensational design. Refined every detail. Revelation with the possibility of changes

  24. gotojeremy Dec 7, 2019
    Very nice quality and looks awesome engraved with my laser.

  25. Dennis Mezin Oct 14, 2021
    Files cut nice wants you get your setting correct I don’t like that the pdf file have the instructions on it as most new people to the glow forge won’t know how to disable or remove before cutting a separate pdf with in stir rooms would be better in my opinion for new users the file it’s self is fantastic

  26. Manuel Solórzano Vargas Nov 7, 2017
    This product is very interesting, and I am very useful.

  27. Alfred Murphy Mar 21, 2021
    Great files. Beautiful elegant boxes. Definitely, I will buy some more. Thank you

  28. Marighela Sep 18, 2018
    very nice!!!!

  29. waldeliz Oct 25, 2017
    love it well done joins perfectly

  30. Dorelle Stollznow Jun 6, 2019
    This also ,,,,,,,I thought I was buying a bottle holder……..They are quite beautiful however. Even though I may not use them……..! Dorelle

  31. Matthew Stassen Feb 21, 2018
    Very attentive seller, prompt to reply to questions and concerns. I would buy from this vendor again. Beautiful template can’t wait to build this item.

  32. Vilhelms Mar 26, 2021
    Thanks! The drawing is high quality.

  33. Hama Bi Dec 9, 2020
    This was xactly as promised!!1

  34. Hergen Wengrzik Mar 15, 2021
    very nice boxes and very good support keep it up

  35. kelly smith Apr 4, 2021
    Have already made a couple of them. Easy fit and great looks when done

  36. Michael Feb 27, 2021
    Just fits everything together perfectly.

  37. Didof Bzh Nov 17, 2017
    Very beautiful products the rendering is exceptional

  38. Florian Thiele Oct 16, 2019
    Very nice gifts for every occasion

  39. Christopher Bullman Jul 4, 2018
    Great product

  40. Inactive Oct 10, 2019
    Everything is fine!

  41. Mike S. Nov 2, 2018
    Item arrived exactly as expected. Would definitely buy another

  42. Mike Kleinschmidt Sep 19, 2017
    Great project plans. Pleasure todo business with.

  43. Dianne Brinker Oct 16, 2017
    Only complaint is, I wish it included some instructions.

  44. Iryna and Mike on Nov 2, 2021
    I’d like to thank Dmitrii for the outstanding service! I had originally missed the fact the description didn’t include the .svg files and, after checking with Cartonus, Dimitrii sent them to me very promptly. He continually checked in whether the files work well and extended his help even further. Thank you!

  45. Ale on Dec 6, 2021
    muito bom encaixes perfeitos… gostei

  46. Andrew Dec 27, 2021
    Great design and great service

  47. Kathrin Jan 6, 2022
    Super schönes Design. Habs gekauft aber noch nicht ausprobiert.

  48. Nancy Wilcher Jan 19, 2022
    These files were perfect and they fit together snuggly. I did have to adjust the size a bit for a Chardonnay bottle.

  49. Luka Jan 24, 2022
    Great file, thanks. . .

  50. Melissa LeBaron Feb 24, 2022
    Beautiful design I’m excited to try them out.

  51. Tiffany Mar 2, 2022
    Definitely VERY difficult to put together once the files is cut and it fits ONLY the slim bottles of 750ml. Still gorgeous though

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